Tens of thousands of passengers were conveyed by the Wimmera on her trans-Tasman voyages and on domestic routes between Australian and New Zealand ports. A number of well-known and notable people of the Edwardian period trod her decks, supped in her saloons, rested and suffered mal-de-mer in her cabins. The Wimmera’s cabins were booked out on many occasions, but especially during holiday times and periods surrounding special or significant events.

Not only did members of the Australian and New Zealand general public book passage but also local and international dignitaries, government ministers and officials, military men, businessmen and entertainers. Representatives from the fields of politics, social, religion, science, arts, entertainment, sport and commerce joined her on both short voyages between coastal ports as well as lengthier crossings between Australia and New Zealand. For some, their passage on the Wimmera was merely one link in the chain of a world tour. Some of her passengers were not only important or well-known people of their time but have left a legacy in Australia and New Zealand and in the world.

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