The SS Wimmera had ten masters throughout her period of service. Some of them captained her on multiple occasions. In order of their year of first appointment to the vessel they were:

  1. Thomas Free (1904)
  2. Frederick Sherriff (1904)
  3. James Barton Rainey (1904)
  4. William Waller (1905)
  5. William Johnston Wyllie (1905)
  6. George Frederick Entwisle (1907)
  7. Herbert James Graham Kell (1911)
  8. George Bernard Bates (1913)
  9. Henry Lyttelton Dunsford (1913)
  10. David John Morris (1918)

In addition to her master, the Wimmera carried a complement of other officers and crew whose responsibilities covered all aspects of the running of the ship, both at sea and whilst in port.

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