The port of  Sydney was first visited by the Wimmera on 24 November 1904 only two days following her arrival at her homeport of Melbourne.

A steamer entering Sydney Heads
‘Sydney’ [a steamer entering Sydney Heads]
Postcard. Author’s Collection.

In 1904 Sydney was the largest city in the Commonwealth with an estimated population of over 518,000 – only 10,000 more than her southern rival, Melbourne. New South Wales ports saw 2718 shipping arrivals with 72,948 passenger arrivals and 58,339 departures in that year. Gross imports and exports were valued at over £27,000,000 and £33,000,000 respectively.

The Huddart Parker wharves in Sydney were located at Darling Harbour adjacent to the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand’s wharves near the bottom of Margaret Street.

[A steamer berthed at the Union S.S. Coy wharf, Darling Harbour, Sydney]
Detail from photograph. Author’s collection.


Table: The years and months in which the ss Wimmera called at Sydney

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