The port of Hobart was visited by the SS Wimmera on 144 occasions between December 1904 and November 1916. Her most prolific periods being between December 1904 and December 1906 and between August 1913 and April 1916.

Located on the Southeast coast of Tasmania, the port of Hobart was the principal port of State. The city had an estimated population of just under 35,000 at the time of the Wimmera‘s first visit in December 1904. In that year also Tasmania recorded 957 shipping arrivals with 25,432 passenger arrivals and 24,922 departures. The value of imports and exports to the State in the year were over £1,700,000 and £2,300,000 respectively.

A ship alongside at Prince’s Wharf No. 2 Shed, Hobart, Tasmania.
Postcard. Author’s collection.

The Wimmera‘s final visit to the port was made in November 1916 when she arrived from New Zealand. She arrived on Monday 20th on a one-off visit and departed the following evening  for Melbourne for the very last time. Once in Melbourne the Wimmera was laid up as a result of a continuing strike by coal workers.

‘Wharves. Hobart.’
Detail from Postcard. Author’s Collection.
Table of the years and months in which the SS Wimmera called at Hobart, Tasmania
Table: The years and months in which the SS Wimmera called at Hobart, Tasmania

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