In 1904 the Fitzgerald Brothers brought to Australasia a troupe of six Japanese wrestlers together with their umpire and an interpreter.

The troupe, who were engaged to perform demonstration bouts as part of the Fitzgerald Brothers’ circus company, comprised the following members of the Osaka Guild of Wrestlers:

  1. Armayama Matsutaro,
  2. Kenmira Inakichu,
  3. Hiramatsu Kanshiro,
  4. Imackari Fukumatsu,
  5. Marnyama Manjiro,
  6. Ominoko Shinkichu,
  7. Otokojima Kokichi, and
  8. Takanoya Ikijiro

The troupe arrived arrived in Sydney from Japan aboard the steamship Eastern on Wednesday 3 April 1904.

Feature image:

Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser
Wednesday 13 April 1904, page 922

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