The American evangelist and temperance campaigner, Dr John Quincy Adams (J.Q.A.) Henry was a visitor to Australia and New Zealand in 1910. Prior to his journey he was pastor at the First Baptist Church in Los Angeles. His pending departure was reported in the local press:




During Pastorate in Los Angeles He
Has Been Prominent in
Church Endeavor

Rev. John Quincy Adams Henry, one of the most popular pastors of Los Angeles, preached his farewell sermons as pastor of the First Baptist church yesterday preparatory to leaving the first of February for an extended evangelistic tour of Australia and New Zealand

Dr. Henry came to Los Angeles two years and four months ago after a five years’ evangelistic campaign, the greater part of which was passed in Great Britain. During his pastorate in Los Angeles he has received 450 new members into the church and has taken a prominent part in all evangelistic work carried on in Los Angeles, having been one of the prominent figures in the Torrey campaign.
Previous to taking up the evangelistic work Dr. Henry had enjoyed a unique history in his ministry. Converted at the age of 18 he immediately began a campaign among his schoolmates and secured a class of sixty that was admitted to the church.

Campaign Against Crime

After being ordained he carried on a monster campaign against crime and vice in Chicago, being instrumental in a night raid that resulted in five van-loads of people being taken to police headquarters. Later he was called to New York to take up temperance work and it was on a three months’ leave of absence that he first went to England to take part in a great campaign for pledge signers during the first year of the new century. This proved so successful that he remained four years in evangelistic work.
Yesterday the farewell services were largely attended, a class of twelve persons receiving he rite of baptism at the evening service. Next Thursday evening the church will give a formal farewell reception to Dr. Henry and family.
Next Sunday Dr. Henry and his singing assistant, Prof. P. P. Bilhorn, will begin a three weeks’ evangelistic campagin in Glendale.

Missionaries to Sail

The missionaries, with their families, will sail from San Francisco for New Zealand and Australia on the S. S. China February 1, stopping at Honolulu February 7, Yokohama February 19, Tokio February 20, Kobe February 22, Nagasaki February 24, Shanghai February 26 and Hongkong March 1. March 2 they sail for Sydney via Manila, Philippine islands, the Thursday islands, Port Darwin, North Australia, Townsville and Brisbane, Queensland, arriving in Sydney March 22. After a week’s sojourn they will sail for Auckland, New Zealand, where the first big campaign will begin April 10, after which Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and other places will be visited, when work will be undertaken in many of the principal towns of Australia and Tasmania. About one year will be spent in the colonies.
From Australia it is undecided whether the party will return direct to America or go to South Africa and thence to Great Britain before coming to this country.
Dr. Henry’s permanent addresses will be the Y. M. C. A., Los Angeles; the Y. M. C. A., Sydney, Australia, and 12 Paternoster buildings, London, Eng.
Dr. Henry and Mrs. Henry have become much attached to Los Angeles and intend to return to this city make their permanent home. They both declare that they shall speak good words for Los Angeles on every occasion.

Los Angeles Herald, Volume 37, Number 87, 27 December 1909, p.5

Dr. J. Q. A. Henry