Accompanying Madame Emma Albani on her tour of Australia, New Zealand, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and India in 1907 was 28 year-old British violinist and composer Haydn Wood.

The Albani Concert Company, including Wood, were saloon passengers aboard the Wimmera on her voyage departing Hobart for Bluff on 23 August 1907.

Other members of the Company, besides Emma Albani and her husband, Ernest Gye, were Miss Myrtle Meggy (pianist), Mr William Green (tenor), Miss Mildred Jones (contralto), Mr Theodore Flint (accompanist & conductor), and Mr Charles Harrison Gibbons (manager of the tour).

This was Emma Albani’s second visit to Australia, the first being in 1898, and her first visit to New Zealand.

Haydn Wood had joined Albani’s tour following a period of special training in Belgium under the maestro Cesar Thomson. He performed as a soloist whilst on tour and received positive reviews, eg:

“Haydn Wood, a violinist of rare charm, who also is distinguished for the sound musicianship and melodious beauty of his numerous compositions–both songs and instrumental pieces…”

‘Footlight Flashes,’ Evening Star, Issue 12753, 29 August 1907, p8