Grace Palotta
Grace Palotta

Viennese-born singer and actress Grace Palotta (1870-1959), sailed from Sydney aboard the Wimmera on Saturday 7 September 1907 together with Messrs Willoughby, Ward and Company. They arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on 11 September where they were to open a season of the play “Mr Hopkinson.” The company had concluded a successful season in Australia where they had presented a number of shows of “The man from Mexico,” “The talk of the town,” “The new clown” and “Mr Hopkinson.” [The return visit to New Zealand concluded in November and the company returned to Australia where their final shows were performed in Perth]

She also arrived in Sydney from Auckland on Friday 3 December 1909, together with [other members of the … who included] Hugh Ward, Miss [Rose] Musgrove and Miss [Celia] Ghiloni. The three were reported to have just returned to Sydney after ‘an extended tour of the world.’

Grace Palotta’s first visit to Australia was in …. When she arrived to … in …

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