Gladys Moncrieff
Gladys Moncrieff

As a cast member of J.C. Williamson’s Royal Comic Opera Company, Gladys Moncrieff, returned to Sydney from Auckland on 3 December 1917 aboard the SS Wimmera. The Company had just completed a brief season of performances in New Zealand which began in late October.

The Company’s productions during their tour of the Dominion included The Cinema Star in which Gladys performed the role of Phyllis Clutterbuck; The Merry Widow; and The Pink Lady in which the role of Angele was performed by Gladys.

In her biography, Australia”s own diva, Gladys Moncrieff, describes her time in the United Kingdom in [1910-12] as …

Following her return to Australia, only a brief mention is made of her…

It was during this brief time before the outbreak of World War I that Gladys appeared with … and on their … [to New Zealand embarked the SS Wimmera]. This tour of New Zealand saw Moncrieff appear as … in … and … received [many] positive reviews of her performance[s].

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