"Another Disaster at Sea" - comic postcard with bottle of whiskey floating in ocean behind a ship

On Monday 24 February 1908 whilst the Wimmera was at sea between Wellington and Sydney, a passenger wrote upon a postcard on which was a photograph of the butcher shop of his employer, Mr F. H. Steele, of Colombo Street, Christchurch. On the card was written:

“When found, please post to 178 Columbo street, Christchurch, New Zealand. Cast overboard from Wimmera, Monday 24-2-08. Having a good trip.—R.T.R.”’

Otago Witness, Issue 2832, 24 June 1908, Page 30

The postcard was then placed in bottle which was then thrown overboard when about 250 miles from Sydney. The Wimmera arrived in Sydney on the following day, 25 February.

Two and half months later, on 8 May 1908 a Mr McGregor picked up the bottle at Tomakin, near Broulee Island, New South Wales, approximately 153 miles (246 km) as the crow flies south of Sydney Heads.

The following month, the same Mr McGregor then hand-delivered the somewhat worn postcard into Steele’s butcher shop in Christchurch a few days prior to the publication of the story in the Otago Witness.

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