On several occasions the Wimmera was named or featured in works other than factual newspaper or magazine articles, diary or journal entries, or published works of travel. Some of those works of fiction and art are described below:

Rovers All!

On page 9 of the Special Christmas Section of the 4 December 1913 edition of The Australian Worker, the following poem written by A.E. (Alfred Ernest) Yarra, and illustrated by Claude Arthur Marquet, was published:

Rovers, All! by A. E. Yarra, published in The Australian Worker, 4 December 1913

Pigskin and Kisses

A story entitled ‘Pigskin and Kisses’ was also written by A. E. (Alfred Ernest) Yarra and  published in The Australian Worker of Thursday 4 December 1918, pp 17-18. It contained the following reference to the Wimmera:

The Huddart Parker Company’s steamer “Wimmera” rose and dipped heavily to meet a strong head sea and a fresh wind from the “east’ard” as she passed out through the Port Lyttelton heads at a quarter to four on Tuesday afternoon. Captain Myers paced the bridge rubbing his hands and smiling pleasantly. For was there not a record number of passengers for Sydney? Was there not an African big-game hunter on board with yarns by the dozen to while away the spare hours? Was there not an American opera company to make the trip one grand concert? Were there not Parliamentarians and ecclesiastics and two authors in the saloon?