On the Wimmera’s arrival at Fremantle from Greenock via Durban, the names and positions of all her crew were listed on the local Water Police Office forms for submission to the local authorities. The following table is derived from that list:

1Thomas FreeMaster
2W H SouthChief Mate
3W John Morris2nd Mate
4Robert Darrock3rd Mate
5James WylieCarpenter
6John FanningAble Seaman
7W McCraneAble Seaman
8John RobertsonAble Seaman
9Gilbert MasonAble Seaman
10Thomas C MacDonaldAble Seaman
11James AndrewsAble Seaman
12Allan McDonaldAble Seaman
13Ewen MacLeodAble Seaman
14Norman MorrisAble Seaman
15Roderick MacCleodAble Seaman
16James Croke1st Engineer
17W. A. Bateman2nd Engineer
18W. R. Hutchinson3rd Engineer
19C. J. Bates4th Engineer
20W. C. RussellDonkeyman
21Duncan CampbellFireman/Trimmer
22William LinnFireman/Trimmer
23James CrossFireman/Trimmer
24John KennedyFireman/Trimmer
25Donald CampbellFireman/Trimmer
26Thomas McLeanFireman/Trimmer
27Henry BellFireman/Trimmer
28John Henry ReesFireman/Trimmer
29John TaylorFireman/Trimmer
30M. E. BaylyFireman/Trimmer
31William HarleyFireman/Trimmer
32Robert McNicolFireman/Trimmer
33Hugh ShieldFireman/Trimmer
34W. MaindFireman/Trimmer
35T. W. MilesChief Steward
36William W. Hughes2nd Steward
37E. McRuddStewardess
38S. J. SmithPantryman
39Robert GoodmanGeneral Servant
40John HorleyGeneral Servant
41A. LukesGeneral Servant
42W. MurphyGeneral Servant
43Christopher MacraeGeneral Servant
44W. Gurkingtone2nd Saloon Steward
45John WattGeneral Servant
46L. S. NashChief Cook
47James Brynmar2nd Cook / Butcher
48James MoffatGeneral Servant
49Charles R Smith-CrozierGeneral Surgeon
50W. T. Appleton JnrPurser
51Charles J. HillSupplementary 4th Engineer
52E. MitchinsonStewardess
53William MarrMess Room Steward
54A. W. AppletonAssistant Purser
55David DillonAssistant Carpenter
NAA: K271, WIMMERA 15 NOV 1904

© Ralph L. Sanderson 2004-2021

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